"What are they up to?" you may be asking yourself . . .

Hey all you Walker kids! Mom and Dad have setup this private website to consolidate and post our collection of family pictures, videos, and documents for you each to access.

This way the files are available to you to do what ever you want with them! You can download videos & pictures, save them on your own devices, have prints made, or just flip through photos and think about how many zits you had when you where 15 or how much more hair Dad had when he was younger!

How does this thing work?

We have organized this collection in a way that we think it will be most often searched. First by individuals, then events,  and then places - all divided into photos and videos. Also we have a location for family documents. The documents can be certificates, talks, memories or the like.

We think doing it this way is a little more private that baring your souls on a social networks and a lot more real. It also gives all of us a place to share and archive memories that is so easy to lose or delete!

NOTE: Access to this site is limited to the spawn of Ginny and Kevin (and any spawn of that spawn). Thus you need a login/password to get to the good stuff!

Can we add to the collection?

Yes you can and Mom and I really hope you do often! We envision this site as the be all, end all collection of all things Walker-ish. So if you want to setup a new collection here for yourself on your mission or in college or with your own family or whatever - we can do it here.


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